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September 26, 2023

Amazon CodeWhisperer: AI-Powered Suggestions and Security Boost

The best time to establish protocols with your clients is when you onboard them.


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Amazon CodeWhisperer utilizes machine learning to provide real-time code suggestions while you’re coding. These tailored suggestions are adapted to your current codebase, ranging from comments to complete functions. Furthermore, the tool performs security scans to enhance code quality by pinpointing possible vulnerabilities. By delivering individualized, context-sensitive support, CodeWhisperer boosts efficiency and promotes the adoption of coding best practices.

CodeWhisperer is offered in two tiers:

  • CodeWhisperer Individual Tier: No cost for code suggestions and reference tracking; also 50 code scans at no cost per month.
  • CodeWhisperer Professional Tier: Billed monthly based on the maximum number of users, i.e., per user, per month.

How do I set up CodeWhisperer as a developer for the first time?

Install or update the AWS Toolkit

The open-source extension called the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code enhances the process of building, debugging, and deploying applications on Amazon Web Services within the Visual Studio Code environment.

Image from

AWS Toolkit Plugin

After installing, you will be able to see the AWS plugin in the primary sidebar.

Choose your authentication method

Click over start in CodeWhisperer to add a connection to AWS.

AWS primary side bar

You will have to authenticate using either AWS Builder ID or the IAM Identity Center. Here, you are able to sign in for free without an AWS account or sign in with the IAM identity center. You can also have a professional tier subscription, which offers administrative capabilities for organizations of developers.

Set up your Builder ID, IAM Identity Center, or IAM credentials

Authorization code form device

Paste the code copied to authorize the request.

Image from AWS

You have to sign up with an email. Verify your AWS Builder ID email address with a verification code, and you can allow AWS Toolkit for VSCode to access your data.

Image from AWS

Now, the AWS toolkit for VS Code can access your data.

There are multiple auto-suggestions in AWS CodeWhisperer:

- Single-line code completion: Provides suggestions for completing single lines of code as you type, aiding syntax and function calls.

- Full function generation: Automatically generates complete functions based on the context and coding patterns.

- Block completion: Offers suggestions to complete code blocks like loops or conditionals, improving code structure.

- Docstring and Javadoc completion: Generates documentation strings for functions and classes, aiding in code documentation.

- Line-by-line recommendations: Gives real-time line-by-line coding suggestions to enhance code quality and efficiency.

- Single-line comment completion: Offers suggestions for completing single-line comments, aiding in code explanations and annotations.

Example, You can accept the suggestions or see for multiple code suggestions by clicking the right arrow.

Code Suggestion sample

Security scans in AWS CodeWhisperer

CodeWhisperer includes built-in security scanning capabilities to analyze your code for potential security vulnerabilities. You can run a security scan, which identifies security issues within your codebase and highlights them for your attention, helping you identify and address security risks early in the development process. This integrated security feature enhances code quality and reduces the likelihood of introducing vulnerabilities into your applications.

Amazon CodeWhisperer Pricing:

Image from AWS

Why do we prefer CodeWhisperer ?

1. General-Purpose Code Generator: Amazon CodeWhisperer is a tool designed to assist developers by generating code suggestions in real time.

2. Machine Learning-Powered: CodeWhisperer uses machine learning algorithms to understand and analyse your code as you write it. It leverages this analysis to generate relevant and context-aware code recommendations.

3. Real-Time Suggestions: As you write code, CodeWhisperer provides automatic and immediate code recommendations. This real-time feedback can help streamline the coding process and enhance productivity.

4. Context-Aware Recommendations: The suggestions generated by CodeWhisperer are tailored to your specific codebase. It takes into account your existing code, comments, and the current context to provide relevant recommendations.

5. Varied Scope of Suggestions: CodeWhisperer’s suggestions can vary in complexity. They can range from simple comments or code annotations to entire functions or code blocks.

6. Enhanced Productivity: By offering relevant code suggestions, CodeWhisperer aims to help developers write code more efficiently, reducing the need to manually search for code examples or syntax.

7. Code Security Analysis: In addition to code generation, CodeWhisperer has the capability to scan your code for security issues. It can highlight potential security vulnerabilities, helping you identify and address security concerns in your codebase. By offering real-time suggestions and highlighting security issues, CodeWhisperer can promote coding best practices and encourage adherence to coding standards.

8. Developer-Focused: CodeWhisperer is designed to support developers in their coding tasks. It aims to provide meaningful suggestions that align with developers’ intentions and coding practices. The code suggestions from CodeWhisperer are tailored to the developer’s style and coding preferences, creating a more personalized coding experience.

9. Potential for Learning: Developers can potentially learn from the suggestions generated by CodeWhisperer, gaining insights into coding patterns and best practices.

What might occur if we were to heavily lean on technology for all our needs?

1. Lack of Creativity: AI-generated code might lack creativity or innovative solutions that human developers can come up with. This could potentially limit the range of solutions explored in complex coding scenarios. AI tools might misinterpret code context or intent, leading to recommendations that don’t align with the developer’s goals.

2. Overreliance: Over Reliance on AI-generated code could lead to reduced coding skills among developers, as they might become dependent on the tool for writing code.

3. Learning Impact: Depending on how developers use code generation tools, there could be a potential impact on the learning process and the development of coding skills.


Amazon CodeWhisperer is an advanced tool that employs machine learning to provide developers with real-time, context-aware code suggestions while they code. It aims to enhance coding efficiency by offering personalized recommendations that range from comments to complete functions. Additionally, CodeWhisperer’s security scanning capabilities further assist developers in identifying potential vulnerabilities within their code. By seamlessly integrating into the coding workflow, CodeWhisperer supports developers in producing high-quality code and adhering to best practices, ultimately improving the coding experience and codebase security.

September 28, 2023
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