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August 17, 2023

AWS — Log Anomaly Detection and Recommendations

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mazon announced a new feature, Log Anomaly Detection and Recommendations for Amazon DevOps Guru, on July 12, 2022.

With this feature, users can search for anomalies in relevant logs within their app and receive targeted recommendations to resolve issues.

Here’s a quick rundown of this feature:

While the metrics analysed by DevOps Guru today are critical for identifying issues in applications, determining the root cause of these issues remains difficult.

Developers and IT administrators require more automation as applications become more distributed and complex in order to reduce the time and effort spent detecting, debugging, and resolving operational issues.

Developers can now more effectively monitor and troubleshoot their applications by sourcing relevant logs in conjunction with metrics.

Source atatus

Monitoring and observability are essential components of DevOps and modern applications.

Applications can generate various types of telemetry, including metrics, to reveal application performance and assist in identifying issues.

With the new Log Anomaly Detection and Recommendations feature, users can obtain insights as well as precise recommendations from application logs without the need for manual intervention.

This feature provides actionable insights from recommendations integrated within the DevOps Guru dashboard by delivering contextualised log data of anomaly occurrences.

Let’s get into action

Go to the Insights page, navigate to the Log groups section, and select the Enable log anomaly detection. If this is your first time using DevOps Guru, you must enable it by going to the DevOps Guru dashboard.

Source : AWS

You can check the DevOps Guru dashboard for insights after a few hours. Here are some findings from DevOps Guru, as shown in the screenshots:

Source : AWS

DevOps Guru will display the findings of my serverless API in the Log groups section, as shown in the following screenshot:

Source : AWS

You can get a high-level summary of the contextualised enrichment data found in this log group by hovering over the anomaly.

It also provides additional information, such as the number of log records analysed and the time range of the log scan.

Source : AWS

This new feature, in addition to detecting anomalies in logs, provides precise recommendations based on the findings in the logs.

These recommendations can be found on the Insights page by scrolling down to the Recommendations section.

To learn more, please visit Amazon DevOps Guru web site and technical documentation.

August 17, 2023
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