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December 30, 2023

Generative AI for Non-Technical Business Users: Gaining a Competitive Edge in 2024

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As we begin 2024, 'Generative AI' stands out as a transformative term that reshaped various sectors in 2023. This evolution in AI has marked 2023 as a year of significant change, influencing the way we operate in work, leisure, and daily life. As we step into 2024, let's delve deeper into how you, as an individual or an organization, can harness the potential of Generative AI.

Understanding Generative AI's Unprecedented Impact

  1. Beyond Traditional Innovations: Unlike earlier advancements focused on automating physical tasks, Generative AI has catalyzed a paradigm shift in knowledge work, paralleling the disruption caused by the personal computer or the internet.
  2. Individual-Level Transformation: This technology extends its benefits beyond large-scale industries, permeating everyday roles. It empowers individuals to accelerate their work, embark on new professional roles, or master new domains through interactive and engagement-driven learning processes.

Generative AI is not just a technological trend; it's a cornerstone for future growth and competitive advantage. Understanding and leveraging it effectively can set the stage for success in an increasingly AI-integrated and significantly more competitive market.

Current Landscape of Generative AI Adoption

Generative AI is being rapidly adopted worldwide, with platforms like ChatGPT reaching over 180M monthly users, mostly knowledge workers and students. Over 60% of users are in the 18-35 age range. India has the second largest ChatGPT userbase, only next to the US. 

These tools have seen extensive usage across various organizational departments, with the following taking the lead in adoption:

  • Sales & marketing
  • Product / service development
  • Customer service operations
  • Strategy / corporate management 

Organizations apply Generative AI in a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Content generation
  • Text summarization
  • Trend analysis in feedback
  • Drafting technical documents
  • Enhancing customer service & interactions with AI chatbots

Kickstarting Your Generative AI Journey in 2024

For those new to this domain and looking to ramp up in 2024, here's how you can begin:

  1. Engaging with ChatGPT for Everyday Queries: Start by creating a free account on (or an alternate chat based Generative AI tool of your preference). Use it for daily queries like planning a trip or other activities, or creative writing. Remember, the more specific your query, the more tailored the AI's response.

Try the following:
  • Create a holiday itinerary specifying a location, time of the year, your activity preferences and more
  • Seek suggestions for games for an event describing the nature of the event, participants profile and other relevant details
  • Write a sonnet for your favourite person, providing details of how you met or how you feel about them or other interesting details

  1. Professional Utilization of ChatGPT: Apply ChatGPT for professional tasks, such as drafting strategy notes, creating presentations, or writing social media posts.

Try the following:
  • Create a template for a strategy note on a growth opportunity
  • Build draft content for a powerpoint template on a product’s performance
  • Write a social media post on a specific topic specifying your views
  • Build a script for an explainer video introducing a product feature.

  1. Mastering Effective Prompting: “Prompt” refers to the input provided to a Generative AI tool to get the appropriate response. Learn to craft detailed prompts that provide clear context, ensuring high-quality and relevant AI responses.

Try the following:
  • Create a detailed prompt for a work activity giving all relevant details on your specific use case and set context on the role you want the tool to play
  • Request different response requirements such as change the tonality of the content or the flow of the presentation
  • Iteratively refine the response by requesting what you would like to change in the response, such as expand on a specific area

  1. Exploring Power User scenarios: Use ChatGPT for complex tasks like parsing unstructured data or generating unique responses based on specific internal documents.

Try the following:
  • Provide product details / FAQs / internal notes / policies in the prompt so that they can be used to build a suitable response to a customer query
  • Review a contract or an agreement from your perspective as the client mentioned in the document and highlight any areas of concern
  • Provide a news article on rains in different cities and build a table with city & rainfall from it (or any article with information dispersed over)

Leveraging Advanced Features for Deeper Insights

  1. Data Analysis: Utilize ChatGPT Plus Data Analysis (with ChatGPT Plus paid account) for sophisticated data analysis tasks, like creating visual data representations or performing customer segmentation.

Try the following:
  • Upload order details from an ecommerce business and request an aggregation of category wise orders count and value
  • Create a piechart of city-wise customers distribution
  • Perform advanced classifications such as k-means clustering of customers based on their order patterns

  1. Customized GPT Models with GPTBuilder: Develop a personalized GPT model using the GPTBuilder (with ChatGPT Plus paid account) at from OpenAI, tailored to your unique business content.

Try the following:
  • Upload your products / services / policies / terms / blogs as ‘knowledge’ for the GPT to be able to answer questions related to these areas

  1. Experiment with AI-Generated Imagery: Use the Bing Image Creator at or Dall-e 3 (with ChatGPT Plus paid account) for generating AI-powered visuals, exploring the creative possibilities of Generative AI.

Try the following:
  • Create a color pencil drawing of a fun meme
  • Create options for logos for a business, providing a name or value proposition or other visual attributes preferred
  • Create an illustrative representation of your target customers or the challenges that you address for them

CodeStax.Ai: Elevating Your Business with Custom AI Solutions

At CodeStax.Ai, we recognize this paradigm shift and are excited to help you navigate the burgeoning world of Generative AI. We specialize in crafting AI solutions tailored to your business needs:

  • Bespoke AI Chatbots: Develop AI-driven chatbots that provide contextual responses based on a mix of unstructured and structured data, enhancing customer interactions and supporting employees. Unstructured content (such as product / service information, FAQs, process documents), structured information (such as customer profile or recent orders from your database) and other current context (such as current promotions or seasonality) can be integrated into our AI platform layer. This can be used to respond contextually to customers on products / services / policies or to assist a frontline employee to get a draft response or context on the customer’s query. It can also be used for other scenarios such as an e-commerce shopping assistant or an educational aid or healthcare assistant to greatly reduce time & challenge in getting access to relevant information or recommendations.

  • AI-Enabled Content Generation: Leverage our expertise to create AI powered applications that produce high-quality content from your input, transforming your domain expertise into valuable AI intellectual property. If your expertise is in generating strategy notes, technical documentation, pitch decks, patents, marketing material or any other content, we can develop an application that leverages your expertise in the space to generate drafts or basic content from an input brief, by leveraging your existing high quality content and standard GenAI models. This can help convert your rich expertise into AI technology intellectual property that can help in drastically increasing productivity or to enable new business channels for automated content generation.

Experience Our AI Solutions Firsthand

Interested in seeing how CodeStax.Ai can revolutionize your business processes? Contact us for a personalized demo showcasing our AI applications with your specific content.

As we welcome 2024, join us at CodeStax.Ai in embracing the era of Generative AI. Here's to a year of innovation, growth, and transformation. Happy New Year!

January 19, 2024
7 min read
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