August 17, 2023

CloudSearch With DynamoDB

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In this article we will explore how to use AWS CloudSearch with DynamoDB.

What is CloudSearch?

  • CloudSearch is a fully managed AWS search as a service.
  • It helps us to search through our applications in a simple and cost effective way.
  • It supports 34 languages as well as complex features like geospatial search, highlighting, autocomplete, etc

What is DynamoDB?

  • Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed proprietary NoSQL database service that supports key–value and document data structures.
  • It is a high throughput and low latency database.

Lets use AWS console to integrate AWS CloudSearch with DynamoDB:

  1. Lets log into AWS Console by using IAM or root account.

2. We can start with creating a CloudSearch domain

A CloudSearch domain comes with unique endpoints for querying and must have a unique name.

We should select the desired instance type as ‘default’ and the desired replication count as ‘default’. If we use default instance type and replication count, we don’t need to give desired partition count.

3. In the CloudSearch domain, we should select the DynamoDB table as an endpoint. After selecting the source for the data, we should click ‘Continue’.

4. Now, We should set up the access policy.

5. Lets review the information before confiming domain creation.

6. Once confirmed, the search domain will be created successfully.

7. Initialization of the search domain takes a minimum of 10 minutes.

8. Processing takes a minimum of 10 minutes to be completed.

9. Now the search domain is active.

10. After the domain is active, we need to upload the documents to be searched from the DynamoDB Data Source. We should select the desired table from the DynamoDB. Lets give the read capacity as 100%.

11. After selecting the data source, we must review the document and upload the documents. Once this is done, the documents are sent to the search domain.

12. Now, let’s run a test search. For this, we need to give the exact word. The search results are given by the domain as below.

We have now succesfully integrated AWS CloudSearch with DynamoDB.

August 17, 2023
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